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Cuckoo Councillors

In recent weeks, I’ve been getting the blame for something I haven’t done by a group of local Councillors. And to be honest, I don’t care, because their own inner thought processes are messing with their extremely fragile minds.

It’s not the first time I’ve been blamed for something by them, and probably not the last.

You see, from 2013-2017, I was involved in the local political scene, because I wanted to change things. That change did arrive, following a bruising battle and a landslide referendum.

During that period, I used my own name in tackling issues. It did result in some bullying from others, but I’m big enough and ugly enough to take the flak. I can give back too, when required…

Late last year, I moved away from politics, but the thick-headed clowns still seem to think I’m involved, because someone “writes in a similar manner” to me when communicating with them. I assume that the dense Councillors mean, one word after the other.

They’re not very bright in this neck of the woods to tell you the truth, so it’s incredibly easy to give imbeciles the run-around. Especially if copious dialogue is awash with verbification.

  • I’m not involved – or, am I?

Sat watching from a distance, it’s quite funny, and farcical too. Doubt in the minds of the paranoid delusional mutton-heads has created a raging hormonal imbalance, dominated by hatred and querulant behaviour. If someone questions their competence, they think it’s me. I don’t need to ask; I know they are useless 🤣

They’ve totally lost the plot and probably have no idea what time of day it is. I think they’re all cuckoo. No doubt, they’ll think I’m insulting them, but I’m not. I’m describing them.

  • MIND is a charity in the UK. I’d suggest that the afflicted get in touch with them, to talk through their issues. Mental health is a serious problem. Especially, when making crucial decisions in local government.

If I was going to pester the Council, and question decisions, I’d do it in my own name. I wouldn’t hide behind a pseudonym. However, if someone was thinking of giving them a hard time, I’d suggest using Cyberghost – it’s a fantastic piece of software in helping to cover your tracks 😉😆

But, in the spirit of fairness, I’ll throw the floundering idiots a lifeline: redirect your confused intellect towards a retired man who doesn’t like parking charges, and likes touring in his caravan, bless his cotton socks.

It doesn’t matter how much I plead that I’m innocent, those at the nut-factory won’t believe me. Nor will they give me the apology that I richly deserve. But that’s OK. I’ll sit comfortably in my chair, waiting for Karma to strike the half-baked buffoons with their just desserts.


  1. Just don’t even get me started on councils… I feel your pain. I have had a few run-ins myself – one is coming up shortly on my blog. I just wish that there was an emoji to express ‘utterly disillusioned and defeated by the system.’

    A friend of mine moved from the private sector to work for his local council for a while. He didn’t last long. Working at his normal pace, he had finished his week’s work by Tuesday lunchtime and was called into his manager’s office and told to slow down because he was making them all look bad!

    Still, we keep paying our taxes. It keeps them off the streets, huh?!

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    • That’s just terrible, but I’m not surprised. I should be, but I’m not.

      During my campaigning, I uncovered a huge waste of money, which has made me quite unpopular among those that are supposed to serve us.

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      • I am absolutely sure it has! It can be uncomfortable having a mirror held up… My friend had much worse stories than that from his time with the Council!
        I am glad that someone has the gumption to campaign against the system. The more I find out the more I become disillusioned and unfortunately, I tired of fighting the system.
        That’s why I have gone to live in a bubble with my hubby and four dogs! Thank you for following my blog. I try to make it happy and uplifting, although the course of caravanning does not always run smooth…!

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  2. I have to share this one with you. One of my friend’s colleagues at the Council used to match all the holiday that she took with sick leave, until her sick leave allowance for the year was used up.
    Every week of leave was always followed by a week off sick. This was noticed, of course, although it took a number of years before she was called into the office to explain her latest sick leave.
    The manager was humbled when she told him “My mother died.” The manager felt quite bad – until the mother was spotted doing her shopping in Sainsbury’s! It was clearly either a case of gross misconduct or reincarnation.
    Of course the lady in question did not lose her job. She was simply re-deployed to another department.
    Skiving for the Council is a job for life.

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    • Shocking, but sadly its not an isolated case. I know of a few people who seem to have had more mothers than I’ve had hot dinners. Such activity should result in dismissal, and companies taking the individuals to court for fraud. Maybe then, people would think for a second about the consequences of their actions.

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