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Canon EOS 6D Mark II

n mid January I decided to put my old Canon 600D Camera, along with three lenses that I’d purchased during my journey of photographic discovery, up for sale on eBay. The sale was facilitated so that I could put my auction earnings towards another camera from the Canon range.

It’s the second time that I’ve sold to upgrade, so the experience wasn’t too alien, but it did seem to hurt more than the first time round. I guess I’d become pretty attached to the camera, and the memories it had helped capture over the years.

  • The sale was a little scary, as payment from the buyer was put on hold by eBay until I had despatched the camera and lenses 390 miles, to Torquay in SW England.
  • I can understand why eBay do such a thing, but a huge element of trust had to be applied by myself, in believing that £250 from the sale would end up in my PayPal account. Thankfully it did, one week later.

If you are thinking of upgrading, I’d urge you to do as I did, and sell. If you buy new, your old equipment could be gathering dust while sat in a corner of your home – and that would be a waste. Besides, someone out there might need a helping hand in getting started in photography, so a used camera is an ideal solution for them to begin capturing their own world.

Finding My Style

As you will no doubt know, cameras, lenses and ancillary equipment are all pretty expensive, and those costs can mount up, especially if you’re not disciplined enough. So. Bearing the cost of equipment in mind, and having never discovered my own photography style, I’m aiming to challenge myself for a little while, in using ONE fixed length lens. Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t just about the cost – if it was, I wouldn’t have spent a small fortune on new gear. It’s about trying something completely different. Maybe using one lens will become my style… but, I’ll probably find it impossible to operate that way. I am though, willing to give it a try. Fingers crossed!

I reckon a zoom lens stifles creativity. A fixed focal length will mean that I have to think much more about what I’m doing, which will hopefully bring about improvements to my photography. I’d rather be a one trick pony who knows what he is doing, than one who doesn’t. Knowing what I’m doing should help my work going forward. The added benefit is that I won’t have to carry extra lenses around with me on my hikes – at times, the weight can be torturous.

Initially, I was looking to buy the 6D Mark I, having read numerous positive articles and reviews on the camera. The Mark I was released in 2012, and is still a very good camera, seven years later. But, having weighed up my options, and reviewed the upgrades on the Mark II, I took the plunge for what I hope will turn out to be an awesome piece of kit. Some have been critical of the Mark II, mainly over its inability to record 4K video.. but, I’m buying a camera for photos, and not to record a blockbuster movie.

The Mark II allegedly offers fantastic image quality, more control over depth of field, and superb low-light performance thanks to a full-frame sensor. I guess, only time will tell if it can live up to the marketing hype.

First Shots From My New Camera:

Looking Towards Ennerdale
Looking Towards Ennerdale
Catkins – slightly out of focus
Snowdrops – captured using Canon Camera Connect app, linked to the camera


    • I’ve saved up for a little while, and the sale of my old camera has helped. A crop sensor can perform really well, but the fact that a full frame offers better dynamic range, ISO performance and depth of field pushed me in that direction.

      Start putting your pennies away – they soon add up to pounds 👍

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  1. Those first photos are all with the 50mm prime? That’s great! I think you did a brave thing, and I applaud you for it. I’m sure it will be an interesting journey! I’m not a big gear person, but I do enjoy using different lenses, especially primes. I have two vintage primes also, and they’re really fun to work with. So enjoy it! And thanks so much for the follow. 🙂

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    • I’ve been very happy to date with the camera. Like most cameras though, the odd tweak is required to bring through shadows, highlights etc. It’s a learning curve, but shouldn’t take too long to ‘master’ as the controls are very similar to my old set-up.

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  2. Have fun with the new camera. I nearly traded my old Nikon body in as p/ex against my macro lens. It was rejected due to a flash fault. My good fortune! My new Nikon had to be sent away to be thoroughly cleaned, it took over six weeks! So i at least still had a camera to play with.

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