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Whitehaven Heretofore

You might have noticed a little inactivity on here over the past few weeks. It’s because I’ve been collating my local history material and putting it back online as an educational resource for those that might be interested. I’d previously removed it all as a kind of protest against Facebook which swallows up much traffic nowadays. Small, local websites have suffered as a result of Facebook. People just don’t seem to move outside of the Zuckerberg behemoth. It’s kinda sad really.

Hopefully youngsters of today (and perhaps a few adults) will get as much enjoyment learning about the town of Whitehaven, in West Cumbria, as I did when I was a mischievous thirteen-year-old. It’s all there online for anyone curious enough to go looking.

For the new site, I opted to use Blogger instead of WordPress for simplicity reasons. Plus, it has allowed me to add vital scripts to integrate a pop-up shopping cart – something that is difficult to do on here due to WordPress constraints with my package.

The site showcases historical information alongside imagery of Whitehaven. It has been a real pleasure delving back into the history of my home town.

There is still a lot more to do, such as design tweaks and adding more content, but it’s now ready for a public release. Please do give the site a visit:

Whitehaven Heretofore

Whitehaven Heretofore


  1. That’s an interesting site Baldy. Your choice of using Blogger is unique to me, I started blogging many years ago over there. Won’t use it now, more so as it needs a Google email account I think? Not sure. If I could, I’d pull Facebook off the internet forever. It’s pure trash, never used it either because of the people I’ve seen go down from their own stupidity and other reasons. Ex wives’ families and such feuding! No thanks. I love the painting you posted, wonderful artwork!

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    • One of the reasons that I opted for Blogger was that its free to append a custom url to it. I’m not overly keen on the setup but it does serve a purpose and once complete will be left as is for people to reference. I’ve disabled comments on it, so there will be no work for me filtering through it all once I’ve completed the setup.

      I love the painting you refer to. There were some really talented individuals around in the past. Thankfully a lot of their work has been passed down safely over the generations, for us to enjoy ☺

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  2. I have been introduced to MeWe. I will probably maintain my presence on the Zuckerburg site however, Mewe flows with so much less restrictions. This goes beyond free speech. They do not use Algorithms to throttle the sharing of your posts. this means that MeWe can be harnessed to drive more traffic to your blog. If you find yourself there I am accepting all friend requests.

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