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300,000 Poppy Seeds Sown

Today, I did something that I’ve thought about doing for quite some time. I hope my undertaking comes to fruition next year and that I haven’t wasted a few hours trying to spread some cheer.

On almost every street corner, wherever you are located, there is a piece of barren land calling out for intervention. I’ve attempted to answer that calling with flower bombing of the wastelands.

Hopefully in 2020, there will be 300,000 bright red Poppies springing forth in the West Cumbria village of Moor Row with enough vigour to bring about a smile to the discerning.

Poppies are wildlife-friendly plants, having abundant, accessible pollen for bees, hoverflies, and other pollen dependant insects, so hopefully these flamboyant beauties will also attract wildlife to the area.

  • The variety of a poppy I’ve sown were Papaver Rhoeas – The Common Poppy. They grow up to 28″ high and produce large showy flowers. Hopefully.
300,000 Poppy Seeds

300,000 Poppy Seeds


  1. That’s a great idea. I’m sure someone has done something similar on some wasteland near me. Poppies, borage & cornflowers have turned up. The butterflies and bees love them.

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