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Devoke Water Boathouse

The boathouse at Devoke Water was built around 1772 from stones gathered on the shore of the tarn. It was originally designed to provide shelter, and had a fireplace. Peat was dug from nearby to fuel the fire.

The building was constructed by John Jackson, a farmer from Dalegarth, and John Bowman, a fisherman. Locals would pay 2 shillings a year for the right to fish the tarn.

  • Devoke is pronounce “Duvvock”.
  • A tarn is a mountain lake.

Devoke Water is the largest tarn in the Lake District and is owned by Millom Anglers. It is situated at an altitude of 766ft and has a maximum depth of 46ft. Due to the sparse and low bank side vegetation the tarn lends itself perfectly to the fly fisherman.

Devoke Water Boathouse
Devoke Water Boathouse


  1. Devoke (Duvvock – thanks for the pronunciation) Water is one of my very special places to visit in Cumbria. I’ve written about it in my poem “Cumbria” (see earlier blog) and have also photographed it with the Boathouse. Super!

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