[ Cumbria Photo ] is operated by Sean Duffy, from West Cumbria.

I was born in 1968, in the English town of Whitehaven, Cumbria, and raised a few mile away, at Cleator Moor – otherwise known as Little Ireland.

I’ve always lived nearby, and quite simply love it here – the home of the UNESCO Lake District National Park. I believe that Cumbria is a truly gorgeous part of the world, and hopefully you’ll agree with my assertion when you view my photographs of the area.

I’m a keen amateur photographer who has had a passion for capturing my surroundings since my late teens. One of my early photographs was of the tranquil hamlet, Watendlath. The photo often brings about a smile when I view it – that’s what it’s all about afterall, to capture and stir memories.


The Lake country is a glorious region, of which I had only seen the similitude in dreams, waking or sleeping…I longed to slip out unseen, and to run away by myself in amongst the hills and dales.

Charlotte Brontë

About Me

  • I love walking. I do my 10k a day, and when I’m able to do so, I’ll do another 10k on top.
  • I get out into the local countryside when I can, taking in all the views before me, and sharing what I see with the world.
  • I love photography, but don’t seem to do enough of it. I’m only an amateur, and try to learn more about the art, when time permits.
  • I’m a former political activist who helped change the shape of Copeland Borough Council. I advocate independent thinking.
  • I can laugh at myself. Everyone else does, so I may as well join them.
Taking In The Views
Taking In The Views

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